Saturday, December 14, 2019

Bafomitras Crowdfunding Elementary Manifesto (author Dorijan Nuaj)

The author of all the blog articles is Dorijan Nuaj (1971 - 2022), the chairman of the Anti-Humane League Foundation (AHLF)

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I'm not Dorian Nuaj. His name, personality, and appearance are but a unifying symbol for Us who inhabit his consciousness, his being. More precisely, a man called "Dorian Nuaj" is only a temporary form of our appearance. As magical and unreal, we exist on the other side. Our thoughts echo through the tunnels of time, forming the forms through which we are. We fold the cross into a cube. We summarize the universe into a point. At that point, we merge the microcosm and the macrocosm. Through that point, we go out and in. The point of contraction is also the point of projection. We are irrelevant. We are neither beings nor non-beings. We are the code. We do not follow the paths of the Absolute. We follow the Natural Flow.

We can study world issues and the world of people, it is desirable and necessary to do so, but we should essentially not worry about it. Spirits like us should not identify with humanity, men or women, at least not in the way that conventional notions and understandings dictate. We are not interested in the "fates" and "karmas" of states, nations, particular groups or individuals.

We are fundamentally unaffected by so-called national interests, human rights, climate change, humanitarian or environmental emergencies, issues of identity, morality, and humanity, as well as religious issues. It is all a rattle of swords, a land of eternal war and ideological-political strife that has no place in our pursuits and actions. We do not interfere, we just observe. Eventually, we can make notes and that's all. We are perfect sociopaths. We can pretend to be interested and caring, but we are basically not interested and we do not care at all. We wear a mask for the sake of the world, not because we really need it. Let the world go its way and we will ours. We are part of the world, but we are not clinging. World, this is a kaleidoscope. Our mission is to grow by being temporarily in human form, creating the illusion of Personality and Being. Therefore, we have no right to participate in self-deception.

We, who are writing this and who call ourselves Narrator, have currently possessed a person known as Dorian Nuaj. When that person leaves this world, the Narrator will change the form of its existence and then we will possess another being from which to act towards our goals. Therefore, the death of Dorian Nuaj will not mean the end of our work. The goal of our work is to initiate and propagate the magical process we have called the Divine Revolution of Catastrophe. The purpose of our proclaimed revolution is to significantly reduce the presence of human beings on Earth. We are not interested in the deeper reasons for this proclaimed purpose, but rather we act as we are programmed by the forces behind our manifestation. Nature is wasteful when it comes to its goals - and it never asks for a price. 

If you have a surplus of unallocated funds, do not hesitate to donate to the Anti-Humane League Foundation led by Dorijan Nuaj - until the moment he is replaced by another person.

The ecstasy is madness. Inspiration is death. Creativity is psychosis. These are gifts of the judgment powers. Do not hesitate...

Tired of being a philanthropist? You are not challenged anymore to contribute to human and humanitarian initiatives and goals? Try it with inhumane, anti-human and anti-civilization purposes. Feel perverted, mean, sadistic, satanic. Enough of the underdog! Feel powerful! Do the right thing - support Anti-Humane League Foundation! 

We have provided exciting and useful gifts to our contributors - personal demonic servants - to serve your nihilistic, psychopathic and sociopathic passion. Become contributors and promoters of the Divine Revolution of Catastrophe. Each donor can request and receive a sigil of a personal demon as well as instructions for summoning. 

But remember one thing - the demon will be your faithful servant as long as you are true to yourself and as long as your goals coincide with those of our Revolution. Unless you are insincere or stumble and fall into ungodly philanthropy slots - your demon will distance itself from you.

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