Wednesday, September 6, 2017

On The Holy City (author Dorijan Nuaj)

„The Holy City represents the regenerated and perfected world, the trued ashlar of the Mason, for the city was a perfect cube, as it was written. Its length, width, and height are equal.. That city will be unified with the Spirit of God and absorbed into God’s bliss”. (Manly Palmer Hall) 
Zion, the esoteric City of Pyramids, is one of the archetypes of an ideal city, arch city of celestial human community, a metaphysical model of original earthly cities, holy cities of Sumerians, South America, Egypt, and later incarnations of that universal archetypal image of one- in historical time- lost experience. In a sacral sense, a city is the same as the peak of a sacred mountain or a temple. Eliade says that the axis Mundi goes through the holy city, which makes the city a point of connecting the sky with the earth and the underworld. The city is the same as a mandala, but in a threedimensional form. Building a city is, in essence, building the world. Eliade says: 
„Around the place affirmed by a ritual a fence is built (we can perceive the full sense of the Hebrew letter chet (fence)), circle or square, where are four entrances which correspond to the four sides of the world. As Usener had shown, cities are, like Cosmos, divided in four parts; in other words, they are replica of the World, that is, Universe”. (Mircea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas). 
A temple is thus the center of the city, the place of the incarnation of a guardian deity of the city. That city is actualized in Bible in the image of celestial New Jerusalem, the bride of Christ. In that sense, Babylon The Great is the bride of the Beast 666, and New Jerusalem is the bride of Lamb, that is, Jesus Christ, with difference that from prophetic standpoint of Saint John, Scarlet Woman incarnates the spirit of end times turmoil, that is, negation of metaphysical idea of a city by a form of a big market town. New Jerusalem has the form of a cube and its two-dimensional representation is an octagon made of two transverse squares in whose center is Christ himself. Hamvas said that the ideal of the arch city is a form of primal community, while a village and province are a source of decrease. Thence a community is not the result of development but a decline of primal communities of higher-order whose material representation was precisely a city. Hamvas said on a city: 
“In the beginning a city was at the sky which means that it was non-material archetype and original humankind was taught by angels, or spiritual forces how to build a city because it is not all the same how a city is built… A city built in material nature should be an authentic copy of Celestial city and inner city of the soul”. (Bela Hamvas, „Scientia Sacra”) 
In the second verse of The Book of the Law, revealing of the celestial community is mentioned and, as I have already written here, emphasizing that every woman and every man is a star. Celestial community is not simply the vault of the sky filled with stars, but it refers to the sky community whose ideal expression is a celestial city. That celestial community is a model for the human community on Earth. In that sense, a king is the embodiment of God, and thus plays the role
of a Messiah in the most ideal sense. Hamvas said: 
„It is true that from the moment of its natural birth, the royal soul differs from every other earthly soul. Cosmic situation clearly shows and expresses that. Signs are already present when conceiving a royal soul“. (Hamvas, „Scientia Sacra”) 
That is why the kings of the earth are forever in the spirit of the title of The Book of the Law. Kings, while anyone who does not have that fateful characteristic cannot become a king. A king does not become a king but is rather born. Thus a Messiah is born, too. Speaking of the nature of king in ancient Egypt, Hamvas said that the royal soul is of higher ontological order than the soul of a mortal: 
„In Egypt, a man can get an eternal and immortal body sahu only after death and with great effort: ascesis, self-reproach, learning. The king is the only earthly being that lives his earthly life in sahu, in eternal and immortal body. That is the ancient sense of embalming. An ordinary body was not preserved for eternity, only sahu“. (Hamvas, „Scientia Sacra”) 
Thus a kingdom, as Hamvas picturesquely described, is only an earthly office of
the king as the son of God. In the same way, from Kabbalistic standpoint, tenth and the last sephirot Malkuth (kingdom) is the material world, the only earthly residence of God, number One with spheric extension. Contrary to the ideal traditional order, the head of governing and authority are deprived today. Before I go into deeper consideration, I would refer to indicative details of Crowley’s The Book of the Law: 
„Choose ye an island! Fortify it! I will give you a war-engine! With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you! (The Book of the Law, III: 4-8) 
Another detail: 
„Ye are against the people, O my chosen!” (The Book of the Law, II:25) 
At first sight, it seems that this is about the present historical moment, that Crowley’s gods have on mind the current world capitalist oligarchy as their chosen ones. And yes, the established island is, in Crowley’s time, Britain, and now the USA. The Anglo-Saxon world order of capital is against the people. It enslaves, bombs, and crumbles since they own a superior interior war machine. Besides, the Anglo-Saxon world has its royal house, its lords and barons, elite, generals, media and at first sight, it perfectly fits into envisaged perspective. They say that the supranational sovereignty of capital owners is above national self-determination practiced in the past centuries. In Weberian spirit of protestant ethic and capitalism, they perceive the accumulation of limitless capital and unbounded attainment of power and material goods as their moral duty. Infinite growth is their ideology. Money is a shrine. As such, they are against people in the light of their selfish interest and focus on the lowest form of authority devoid of metaphysical base embodied by the notion of a ruling which gives legitimacy to the authority. It is possible that the verses quoted do not refer to human material. Well, who they refer to, then? And what is this situation about, and what time was it projected? It is easy to interpret every prophecy in light of any historical moment because the human imagination can always compare some statements with what it has before its eyes. And, no matter how obvious something looked, I would not say it is true. What is obvious is only one level of synchronicity of the published word with current manifestation in historical time. It is mostly about the principle, not the situation or specific people, states, institutions. The chosen ones of gods who stand against the people are „the divine revolutionaries of a catastrophe”, the ones who are yet to come and crumble unnatural disorder of the crowd, the herd, heated mass of people and accompanying demagogies, alienated manipulative elites who produce chaos using facades of democracy in the name of the people, for people, against people. 

“We, the people”- yells the manifest of imagination that never before existed. What people? Primitive people, the end product of a vulgar era whose institutions draw its legitimacy from the lowest proclaiming what is the furthest from the sacral source for its foundation. Foundation is up, not down, because down is the consequence of the up and not vice versa, as today’s ideologies teach. That ideology does not know any higher authority except the one based on the performance of a bureaucratic democratic procedure and the amount of money. People gathered all around are not people but a flock. Messianic revolution is yet to happen and its main consequence will be the new creation of the world, building a new City, that is, turning disorder into order on an almost unimaginable level.
Translated by Sandra Šabotić
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