Monday, May 1, 2017

Demons of Rationalism

Kenneth Grant characterized the phenomenon of demon as unresolved complexes in the human psyche and storehouses in the psychic nervous system, which are prompted to do a dangerous activity if there is a serious energy blockage. However, Adepts can control demons and make them react using sigils or by controlling dreams. Grant says that energy block can be broken and the released energy can be redirected towards creative, magical aims. Those unresolved complexes exist as inside the individual, so inside the collective psyche of certain groups, societies and cultures, even on the level of the whole humankind. Moon is the pivot of demonic phenomena. Its nectar is both a cure and a poison at the same time, and the only difference between a cure and a poison is in its application and dosage. Therefore, it cannot be done by anybody but Mercury, that is, the one acquainted with the Mercurian secret knowledge. The followers of the Great Hermes, the adherents of Archangel Raphael will be the ones who will transform the clipotic lunar energy veil into gracious silver shine which will make people adore stars and find their lunar-magnitude paths or the path towards solar center.

Unresolved complexes accumulated throughout the history, energy blocks almost insurmountable. Those in charge of the process of civilization don’t have a cure for dying, or a cure for themselves. As for the destiny of the world oligarchy/plutocracy, one doesn’t need to be a prophet - they will be destroyed just as, according to Grant, those who won’t be able to accept the spirit of new Eon will be destroyed. Oligarchy will be destroyed by the power they serve, because to serve to a power means wanting to be destroyed. A disease humanity got is the result of the overgrowth of a suicidal obsession of the human material that was launched on the top by the historical process. Their diabolic tendencies are poisoning the atmosphere of human existence on Earth. They hide their criminal character and worldwide misdeeds under the entry of Human. That Human will be “…destroyed by the elemental powers he summoned too quickly. It is thus important to clean all superstition which burden humanity, and religion, with its popular understanding, is the first among them”. (Grant, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God)

Therefore, everything that oligarchy emits over the centuries, or in its incarnations from the past two or three centuries, and based on kidnapped legacy and falsified, has been emitting, must be purified. However, to be clear, that mass of lifeless beliefs are not just remains of the monotheistic religions, or some fossilized remains of an ancient time, but also many aspects of the Eastern religions stuck in irrational automatism. (Post)modern superstitions imposed by ideological humanism and atheism also belong to that lifeless mass. Also, the whole so-called New Age is one big abortion which came into existence as a reaction to the materialism of modernity and idealism of the pre-modern times or religious fanaticism. The Book of Law depicted that as follows: “I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed and blind him. With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds! (The Book of Law, III: 52-24)
Kenneth Grant explained that the genesis of the mass of lifeless beliefs is due to the unbalanced masculinization of religious life, primarily in Egypt, from where religious-magical formulas spread across the Near East and Mediterranean world. Grant said: “However, the patriarchal tradition in Egypt, with its emphasis on male principle, evolved into the cult of Trinity, which consists of the Father, the Mother, and the Child. Later Christian version which displaced the female component established the absolute patriarchy which distorted the whole mystery tradition and contaminated the civilization with unbalanced beliefs of the absolute male authority and the abolition of everything that belonged to the female element in nature. (Kenneth Grant, Cults of the Shadow).

Grant exaggerates here, because Christianity is basically not that much patriarchal. It is actually less patriarchal than Judaism and Islam. In the frame of Christian corpus Protestantism is more patriarchal than Catholicism and Orthodoxy since it denies sacred importance of the Virgin Mary and female saints, which many traditional Christian churches under the pressure of the folk beliefs used to mellow the male-centric figure of the triune God. Besides, Catholicism, especially Orthodoxy, accepted many pagan elements by the process of assimilation and Christianization of the folk beliefs, customs, and calendars. Mircea Eliade remarked that the peasantry of Europe wasn’t drawn to the historical and moral Christianity, but lived their own cosmic, that is, Pagan Christianity which perceived Christianity as cosmic liturgy. “Mystical closeness with cosmic rhythms which Old Testament Prophets strongly assaulted, and the Church hardly tolerated, is in the core of religious life of rural people, especially in the southeastern Europe. For all this art of Christianity, Nature is not the world of sin, but God’s work”. (Mircea Eliade, Myth and Reality)

Violent reduction of female element from the sacred is the result of nullifying intentions of monotheistic religions wanting to appropriate everything to the dogmatic axioms on which legitimacy (and  legality) of social power which sustains on it for centuries, is founded. In Antichrist and Will to Power, Friedrich Nietzsche majestically criticized consequences of Christian morality, accusing Christianity of negating nature and strengthening individual egoism, which is even in the post-Christian world one of its main consequences. A Christian is, according to Nietzsche, an outcast and a sick man, because the imperative of survival of the human species entails the destruction of “the unsuccessful, weak, degenerated, but Christianity spoke to them, as a conserving power”. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Will to Power) That conserving power set the scene for today’s apathetic condition of the mass of human beings, and lunar oligarchy is very much interested in keeping that condition. “A man made harmless, for himself and for the others, weak, thrust out on his knees in humility and humbleness, aware of his weakness, a sinner- that is the most desirable type, the one that can be made by some sort of soul surgery”. (Nietzsche, Will to Power) We will see that similar characteristics are desirable from the global capital control’s standpoint. In our time, an ideal man is not a sinner, but has instilled needs. He has been turned from a believer, a follower into a consumer. It is hardly necessary to emphasize the closeness of ideas between Nietzsche and Crowley concerning Christianity as a pathological phenomenon in the history of the mankind. 

There is the same motif in The Book of Law: “Hear me, ye people of sighing! The sorrows of pain and regret are left to the dead and the dying, the folk that not know me as yet. These are dead, these fellows; they feel not. We are not the poor and the sad: the lords of the earth are our kinsfolk”. (The Book of Law, II:17-18) “We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world”. (The Book of Law, II:21) Time marked by the rule of Christianity Crowley called era vulgaris, while Nietzsche said: However, Christianity as a religion descends on vulgus; for virtus of the highest type it does not have any sense”. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Will to Power)

However, the greatest and the most dangerous demon is the so-called Rationalism. The Book of Law mentions dogs of reason, and says: “Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite and unknown; and all their words are skew-wise”. (II:32) That infinite and unknown factor is precisely what religion of reason so strongly and fanatically denies and what it, in the name of enlightenment and progress, rises against. Rene Guenon speaks of today’s rational mentality’s tendency to shut out every mystery from the world: “It really could be said that- the more restrictive a conception is, it is more seen as strictly rational; besides, it is quite familiar that since the “Encyclopedists” of the VIII century, the most passionate deniers of every metaphysical reality loved to call upon reason and declare themselves Rationalists on any occasion... Rationalism is in all its aspects essentially defined by the predominance of reason, proclaimed as a real dogma, which means denying everything that belongs to the superindividual category, especially the clean intellectual intuition. The consequence of that denial is, in another category, is also dismissal of every genuine spiritual authority, since their role model is necessarily superhuman... Already now we can notice how much this rationalism is in accordance with the contemporary tendency of simplifying; this simplifying which naturally always represents the cause of the reduction of things to their most inferior elements is approved by nullifying the whole superindividual realm”. (Rene Guenon, The Dark Age)
Being understood in that reductionist manner, reason is the means of an exceptional materialization of perception and interpretation, because in Rene’s words- the reason is the last or the most inferior degree on which “firmness” reached its final level. Rationalism is, according to Guenon, actually a negation of every higher principle of reason, which in a way blinds human intelligence separating it from the inner genius, from “clean and transcendental intellect”, whose job is preserving that intellect. Guenon says: “By losing every additional communication with that superindividual intellect, reason ca only gravitate downwards, or to put it in another way, towards the inferior pole of existence, and it can only sink more and more into “materiality”; to the same degree, it little by little loses everything, even the very idea of truth and end up looking only for the greatest comfort for its narrow perception, where it finds an instant pleasure by the mere fact of its downward gravitation since it guides it to simplifying and equalization of all things”. (Rene Guenon, The Dark Age)

Therein lies the root of the equalization of all human being based on several basic parameters, not taking into account the essential characteristics of every individual or a certain group of people. That is the expression of aiming to break down every phenomenon into a basic set of quantitative determinants. One strives to reduce everything to a number, whereby the essential mystique of number is missed, as The Book of Law says: “Every number is infinite; there is no difference”. (I:4) Kabbalah uses numbers but with the premise of quality, not quantity. A number is quality, which is seen in the doctrines of sephiroth. In that sense, Rationalism is the crown of what Crowley called era vulgaris since it aims to reduce everything to the material, quantitative aspect. It is the madness of reduction, or “the sin of reduction”, as The Book of Law says. In Qabalah, restriction is one of the characteristics of sephiroth Binah (third sephiroth of The Tree of Life). Since deep sea, black color, Saturn, and the notion of time are associated with this sephiroth, the root of deformation of the psychic energy of man which is called Rationalism in our time can be seen there. Rationalism is a sort of solar eclipse, darkening of Logos principle in man, or the sign of clipotic lunarization of masculinity and human conscience in general. Rationalism is thus analogue to the clipotic snakes that torture Messiah’s soul. The exorcism of those demons will be painful and permanent, and the representatives of deeper forces of magic will end it by physical destruction of those who falsely represent themselves. I called these representatives of deeper forces “the revolutionaries of a catastrophe”, which indicates that a new and more far reaching current will appear. Yes, new books of law and new protagonists of the global revolutionary-messianic actions will appear. Some new and different trend will swallow the supposed trendsetters.