Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Woman Girded With The Sword

Crowley’s „Book of Law” (III:11) says: „Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name”. Interpreting the Tarot card V – The Hierophant, which, among other things, depicts a woman girded with a sword, Aleister Crowley says: „That woman represents Venus as she now is in this new Eon; no longer the mere vehicle of her male counterpart, but armed and militant.” Let us remind that Sumerian goddess Inanna, later Akkadian Ishtar, was the goddess of love, but war, too, was also connected with Venus. Therefore, the Age of Aquarius suggests female mastering a sword, which, in the sense of its magical symbolism, refers to the element of Air, analytical power, reason and knowledge. Woman will, therefore, master knowledge. The woman of knowledge is traditionally a witch. She is wisdom, which parallels the other strictly female characters in Tarot, and these are II The High Priestess and III Empress, which represent Moon and Venus, wisdom and power as prerogatives of the Goddess. All of this, of course, doesn’t mean that the end of the Age of Aquarius will bring prerogatives to all women, because under the condition of massive presence of human element on Earth, the evolvement of consciousness and other performances of human being are not possible. In order to have knowledge and power, man must have the support of Nature. In order to have the support of Nature, man must be natural, and respect the Nature. In conditions of unnatural and antinatural massive society of specific idiocracy and mediocrity the only thing that can be accomplished is further decadence and stupefying human intuition, and magical, creative, and cognitive powers. 

Otto Weininger said that the absolute woman does not have ego. That absolute woman is goddess Nuit, announced in The Book of the Law. She is an infinite abyss of space and time in which is actualized the male element in the principle of the winged disk Hadit. She is featureless and super-featured, embodiment of pluribulus (multitude) She is I, the embodiment of unus (one). She is the infinite rim of a circle. She is the center of the circle. That is the ideal perspective of the initiation formula after the Golden Age because it represents the actualization of the solar, male principle. Only then does man become microcosm, that is, he actualizes his microcosmic potency becoming a genius. Light comes from Nuit who, apart from being known as Raa’s daughter, is also the mother of the Sun.

We can observe this from Kabbalistic standpoint, so the light is lux in Latin, which is written as LVX, or L=50, V=5, and X=10, the sum of which is 65. The number 65 is inversion of Nuit, which in The Book of the Law says: „I am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty”. Nuit is 56: Nun (50) + Vav (6), while Had is 9: He (5) + Daleth (4). It is 65 in sum, which is the number of Adonai, that is, Alef (1) +Daleth (4) + Nun (50) + Yod(10). Numbers 65 and 56 are composed of pentagram and hexagram, making number 11, which is also the number of Nuit. (I:60 – „My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us.”), but the number of letters of a mystical word which is given importance in The Book of the Law, and that is ABRAHADABRA (III:75: „The ending of the words is Word Abrahadabra”. (The sense and meaning of the mystical word Abrahadabra has many speculations. I will mention one assigned by E. A. Wallis Budge. He thinks that the most probable explanation is that this formula came from Chaldean form „abada ke davra“, which means „Disappear as a word”. According to Hebrew writing, that would have the following Latin equivalents: ABDA KDBRA, that is, alef-bet-daleth-alef for the first, and daleth-bet-resh-alef for the second word. (E. A. Wallis Budge, Amulets and Talismans, Chapter Hebrew Amulets). When we add 56 and 65 we get 121, whose square root is precisely number 11. 
Men are forced to rely on will and reason, while women have the uterus which is the source of great power. A woman is thus a witch, she is Shakti. Woman feels more intensely, her body is a better sensor and a better reservoir of power than man’s body. In Taisha Abelar’s book The Sorcerer’s Crossing it is emphasized that the basic purpose and destiny of women in traditional historical hierarchy is to feed, protect, and serve man. The primary function of a sexual intercourse is reproduction, and according to Taisha Abelar, there is a hidden secondary function which provides continuous flow of energy from females to males, by which essentially inhibitory system of mankind is sustained. Women represent a base of sustaining of humankind, as well as every individual culture, community, ethnical group or race. As explained by Abelar, a great part of their vital energy flows away from them, not only in order to bear a child, give birth, and feed their offspring, but also to make sure a man plays his part in the whole process. She sees the cause of that condition in what happens during a sexual intercourse on an energetic level and concludes that women are brought up so that men could easy seduce them, and they even cannot think that the sexual intercourse as a result can have energy drain, a not only unwanted pregnancy or venereal disease. Apart from biological imperative, women are obliged to have an intercourse by a social construct. That social construct pushes women into sex by which they and not their biology are subdued. 

Here, I would paraphrase a few indicative statements from Taisha Abelar’s book, which could make a focal point of a very radical feminism, but which lead to an interesting train of thought. Abelar says that modern women in their zealous tendency to be equal imitate men. They equate sex and freedom, not even thinking how sex influences their psychological and emotional condition. The fact that she alone chooses a partner does not alter the fact that she is being fucked. Equating sex and freedom is the biggest irony. Stupefying women by men is complete, so absolute that women are devoid of energy and imagination they need in order to direct them towards the genuine cause of their slavery. To want a man sexually or to fall in love with a man are the only two choices given to the slaves. And everything women are told about these two choices are only pretexts that draw them in complicity and ignorance. A woman must start with burning her uterus, Taisha Abelar asserts. A woman must not be a fertile soil which needs to be fertilized by a man, according to God’s command.

In accordance with what has been said, women are still slaves. The path of their liberation is not political or ideological, but magical, but that does not mean that that path is exclusive. That is to say, not all women can be freed, but some of them can. Commenting the verse from The Book of the Law: „Every man and every woman is a star”, Aleister Crowley among other things said that the male star is built from the center towards the outside, and the female from the outside towards the inside, and that is what implies that a woman doesn’t have soul. That is how the difference between sexes is explained according to Crowley. I admit that this thought is pretty unclear to me, but what is obvious is inexistence of the assumption of androgyny on the strength of its doctrine, but we have a complete ontological separation of male and female being. In that sense, androgyne could rather be a symbol of an intentional state of consciousness and not of some morphological fact. 

Concerning the theme of sexuality and sexual conversion, for this occasion it is worthy to emphasize Julius Evola’s attitude in the book Metaphysics of Sex, chapter Physical Sex and Inner Sex. There, he says that the sex, before and above the body, exists in the soul. To a certain degree, it exists in the spirit itself. Man and woman are primarily inside, and then outside. Primordial male and female characteristics permeate and absorb the whole being, both visible and invisible. According to Evola, if there are sublevels of polarization that means that the aforementioned characteristic shows higher and smaller intensity now and then, depending on the individual. He also says that maleness and femaleness should be regarded as the facts of an inner order to the case where the inner sex could be non-compatible with the physical sex.
It is well known that a person can be a man by his body, but not his soul and vice versa. According to Evola, sexuality which is expressed only physically, no matter how much it is developed, is in a way incomplete and empty sexuality. The one who is not male in his spirit and soul is not truly a man, and the same is true for a woman. As I have mention at the beginning of the text, Sumerian goddess Inanna, or Akkadian Ishtar, was the goddess of love and war, and she ruled life and death. Mircea Eliade says that she as Ishtar Barbata was depicted as a hermaphrodite (bearded Venus), by which her powers were fully expressed. In that way we can see the connection between love, or heart and a sword with the planetary nature of Venus. So, it is the woman girded with a sword that is mentioned in The Book of the Law and who is depicted on the card V The Hierophant of Crowley’s Tarot deck. Love stands out as one of the basic laws not only of Crowley’s doctrine, but Christian teaching, too. That fact alone indicates continuity without regard to the visible differences. The basic premises of The Book of the Law are: „Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” (I:40); and „Love is the law. Love under will.” (I:57). Therefore, we have the trinity: Will-Love-Law. Basic Christian commandments are: „Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.”; „Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27). Jesus Christ said to his followers: „A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34). That love comes from adoration of gods, that is, God. It is above all divine love. Love for the divine and love for another human being because of the divine in them. That love is the path to deification and adoration of man. It is the path of philanthropy. In the time of goddess Inanna/Ishtar, things were different. The Goddess was the one who gave love to the chosen one among the mortals, and she expected it in return, unconditionally. The legend of love between goddess Inanna and a shepherd Dumuzi tells of that. That abstract love for the abstract and invisible God comes from love for a concrete Goddess that could manifest in every woman or she could manifest herself as a woman. Eliade says that “we can basically speak of “androgenization” of man by love, because in love each sex adopts, acquires “the characteristics” of the other sex.” (Mircea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas). That androgenization in relation to the divine actually leads to the deification of the one who loves God. „Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.” (John 14:23). Therefore, the one who loves Christ (Love) and obeys his teaching (Law), The Father and The Son will come to them, when he will learn his true Will. Here too we discover the trinity Love-Law-Will, which moved to another point of view in Crowley’s cult, but the source is actually the same.

In the first chapter of The Book of the Law, goddess Nuit says: „Come forth, o children, under the stars, and take your fill of love!” I:12; „For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.” I:29; „There is no bond that can unite the divided but love, all else is a curse” I:41. Therefore, everything must be soaked in love, permeated with love, because outside of love it is a curse. The world in our age full of hate and curse is shouting for love. Love is celebrated, invoked, called upon, sang about, and there is no love anywhere. The love of our world is imagined, reduced to biological and material. If love is the law, then our world is permeated with lawlessness, because there is no will anywhere. Apathy of human beings made terrifying institutions and turned human world into living hell: into state of permanent war. War is capital and capital is war. The mass is war and the war is mass. There is no love without will, nor law without love. According to the legend, Inanna/Ishtar as the goddess of love and fertility, but as a warrior too, intended to destroy death, which is the basic intention of love- to invalidate or overcome death. She did something similar as Christ, descending to the Underworld, that is, the world of the dead, with the intention of winning and conquering the kingdom of the goddess of death, Ereshkigal. She did not make it because she lost all her powers which were embodied in things she wore then. These things were taken away from her by the guards of every level of the underworld on whose door she would knock, so she appeared naked before her rival. These objects, or vails of Inanna are: a crown, a cloak, earrings, a necklace, breast jewelry, a belt, bracelets, and an ankle bracelets. That is, therefore, Sumerian notion of love, fertility, and battle in the image of the goddess who sometimes has hermaphroditic characteristics. As a male, she gives, and as a female, she receives. The path to the light, the path to Inanna, leads through catacombs of the kingdom of death, which in a good part of its duration the Age of Aquarius truly is.