Tuesday, December 13, 2016

In Short on the Phases of the Moon

The Moon is the only thing which proves geocentric model of the Universe by circling around the Earth. Moon makes the Earth the center of the Universe, and therefore us, too. Hence, the Moon is the father of human consciousness and human will, which historical man almost abandoned, surrendering to the Sun as a life-giving Mother whose gates lead out of the Universe, but also keep you enclosed. Lunar paths in and out of this Universe have been forgotten. Thus the Moon was later proclaimed feminine, although it is essentially masculine, whereby poles of the Sun and Moon changed places in the human mind. In that way, in the ancient past, an assumption for all confusion of historical, and finally our time, as well as times to come, has been made. Semitic Pagan religions have to a great degree preserved the remains of that consciousness because the Moon (the Son) was masculine to them. In Kabbalah there is an ancient name of the lunar deity Shaddai (Shaddai El Hai), which was the name of God added to sephirah Yesod (Foundation), which was ascribed to the Moon. In Serbian language noun Moon is masculine gender, while the Sun is neuter. In tantric physiology of subtle body there are three main channels (nadi) for the flow of consciousness: ida, pingala, and sushumna. Ida controls mental processes and belongs to the Moon, while pingala is associated with life processes and it belongs to the Sun. We can see that the function of lunar ida in essence has male nature (manas), and solar pingala female (prana). Sushumna has a role of the union, a channel for awakened spiritual consciousness.

Therefore, only in relation to the position of the Moon we have a right to claim that we are in the centre of the Universe. The Moon gives us power, and if it gives us power, it gives us also power to actualize things. In that lies the essence of the magic importance of the Moon. Imagine a situation in which there is no Moon. Imagine that we are left to the raw tyranny of the Sun as the sovereign ruler of our sky. Imagine the condition of the human mind without the protective role of the Moon, without its phases which created awareness of change, of time, and of measuring the flow of time. What kind of humanity would it be without the Moon? Well, it would not exist because the presence of the Moon in Earth’s orbit is a precondition of creating and existence of man as microcosm. Without the Moon man would not be microcosm, but more animal-like. Moon makes us human. The fact that from Earth’s standpoint the Moon and the Sun are the same apparent size is the indicator of that microcosm and the equilibrium of the man and the overall life on planet. Imagine a situation of having two Moons! Imagine the sky with two Moons and then try to understand what consequences it would have on life on Earth. Our consciousness would be completely different. All life on Earth would be different.

In magic sense Moon is a mediator of the influence of all celestial bodies, including Sun since it reflects sunrays. At the same time, Moon is the protector of life on Earth since it represents the direct keeper of the earthly world, something like Saturn which is keeping the world of the inner planets inside solar system. With its 28 phases, the Moon in its appearance represents seven traditional planets of the Universe of the ancient people (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun as a planet and as itself). Each of these seven planets reflects through four modalities which represent traditional elements. Therefore, four phases each belong to every planet in form of fire, water, air, and earth as an element. Each phase has its house, but their symbolism and nature are not in the focus of this text. Microcosmic position of the Moon follows lunar phases, while his macrocosmic position follows lunar houses. Lunar houses are habitats of the Moon in the sky, and in microcosmic sense they have their bases in human nature. In the picture below we can see the scheme of a simplified human vertebral column, we can see the relationship between chakras and moon phases (taken from Moon Phases, by Martin Goldsmith, Whitford Press, USA, 1988).
We can also see that from 1 to 1000 there are 28 units in total. If we compare some things from the Table 1 and the attached scheme we can find some interesting coincidences. For example, we see that the opposite positions of movement of lunar phases when added always give number 30. We also see that The Fool/alef  represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, and that two alefs - big and small, signify the position of the top of the head, that is, sahasrara chakra. Two alefs give the sum of 1001, which is the number of petals of the symbolic representation of sahasrana chakra. The full moon in the phase XV is represented by the letter samekh and Moderation/Temperance card and along with the pair Death/nun it symbolizes the base of life, muladhara chakra, located at the base of the spine (the sum of values is 110). In the third eye (ajna chakra) phases III and XXVII intersect, that is, The High Priestess/gimel and The Star/tzadei (together they have numeric value of 903, that is, 93). The peak of the first and the beginning of the last quarter moon phases VII and XXII intersect in the region of the heart (anahata chakra) - The Chariot/cheit and The Universe/tav (value 408). Therefore, the cycle begins with the crown, goes down to the heart, reaches fullness at the base of the spine and then goes up to the hearth and finishes by reaching the crown of the head. Waxing moon in microcosmic order goes from head downward, while the waning moon is a specific ascension from the base of the spine to the top of the head. We link the phase I with the north moon node (Dragon’s head-geomantic figure Caput Draconis), and the full moon (phase XV) with the south node (Dragon’s tail-figure Cauda Draconis). So the lunar cycle builds an image of man as microcosm in magical way. In the table 2 we can see the approximate representation of lunar phases and their astrological and geomantic attributes. In the table 3 we have some basic properties of each phase (of course, somebody else can make their own list of attributes based on their experience). 

Translated by Sandra Šabotić
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Table 1
Phase I - alef (1) - Fool
Phase II - beit (2) - Magician/Juggler
 Phase III - gimel (3) - High Priestess/Popess
Phase IV - dalet (4) - Empress
Phase V - hei (5) - Emperor
Phase VI - vav (6) - Hierophant/Pope
Phase  VII - zayin (7) - Lovers
Phase VIII - cheit (8) - Chariot
Phase IX - teit (9) - Strength/Passion
Phase X - yod (10) - Hermit
Phase XI - kaf (20) - Wheel of fortune
Phase XII - lamed (30) - Balance/Justice
Phase XIII - mem (40) - Hanged man
Phase XIV - nun (50) - Death
Phase  XV - samekh (60) - Moderation/Temperance
Phase XVI - ayin (70) - Devil
Phase XVII - pei (80) - Tower
Phase XVIII - tzadei (90) - Star
Phase XIX - qof (100) - Moon
Phase XX - reish (200) - Sun
Phase XXI - shin (300) - Eon/Judgement
Phase XXII - tav (400) - Universe/World
Phase XXIII - khaf sofit (500) - Wheel of fortune bis
Phase XXIV - mem sofit (600) - Hanged man bis
Phase XXV - nun sofit (700) - Death bis
Phase XXVI - pei sofit (800) - Tower bis
Phase XXVII - tzadei sofit (900) -Star bis
Phase  XXVIII –big alef (1000) - Fool bis
Table 2

Phase I - Pisces, Aries / Laetitia, Puer, Caput Draconis
Faza II - Aries / Puer
Phase III - Aries / Puer
Phase IV - Aries, Taurus / Puer, Amissio
Phasee V - Taurus / Amissio
Phase VI - Taurus, Gemini / Amissio, Albus
Phase VII - Gemini / Albus
Phase VIII - Gemini, Cancer / Albus, Populus, Via
Phase IX - Cancer/ Populus, Via
Phase X - Cancer / Populus, Via
Phase XI - Cancer, Leo / Populus, Via, Fortuna Maior, Fortuna Minor
Phase XII - Leo /Fortuna Maior, Fortuna Minor
Phase XIII - Leo, Virgo / Fortuna Maior, Fortuna Minor, Coniunctio
Phase XIV - Virgo /Coniunctio
Phase XV - Virgo, Libra / Coniunctio, Puella, Cauda Draconis
Phase XVI - Libra / Puella
Phase XVII - Virgo / Puella
Phase XVIII - Libra, Scorpio / Puella, Rubeus
Phase XIX - Scorpio / Rubeus
Phase XX - Scorpio,  / Rubeus, Acquisitio
Phase XXI - Sagittarius / Acquisitio
Phase XXII - Sagittarius / Acquisitio
Phase XXIII - Capricorn / Cancer
Phase XXIV - Capricorn / Cancer
Phase XXV - Capricorn, Aquarius / Cancer, Tristitia
Phase XXVI - Aquarius / Tristitia
Phase XXVII - Aquarius, Pisces / Tristitia, Laetitia
Phase XXVIII - Pisces / Laetitia
Table 3

Phase I - projecting, formulation of intention
Phase II - beginning of fulfillment
Phase III - concentration, manifestation
Phase IV - vibration, speech, shaping
Phase V – change
Phase VI - predicting, planning, deliberation
Phase VII - creativity
Phase VIII -  trying out
Phase IX - fear, consequences, temptation
Phase  X - memories, recollection
Phase XI - burst of energy, purification, enthusiasm
Phase XII - compassion
Phase XIII - exploration, immersion
Phase XIV - learning, action
Phase XV - intensifying, dangerous condition, surrender, excitement
Phase XVI - stillness
Phase XVII - happiness, sexuality, satisfaction
Phase XVIII - reflection, making conclusions, perceiving
Phase XIX - verification
Phase XX -transformation
Phase XXI - action,  a way out from an inhibitive state
Phase XXII - wisdom
Phase XXIII - irritability
Phase XXIV -rearranging
Phase XXV - passive observation
Phase XXVI -reconsideration
Phase XXVII - intuition, clairvoyance
Phase XXVIII equalizing, balance but also the possibility of susceptibility to the dark forces